Alumni Clubs & Associations
  Over 30 club websites are being launched around the world as a part of the first phase by a dedicated team of over 100 alumni.  

In May 2007, HBS invested in a strategic technology platform for the Alumni Clubs. Over the past few months, officers from many HBS Alumni Clubs have been diligently working to create new Club websites as part of the newly formed Global HBS Clubs Network. As an Official Member of the Global HBS Clubs Network each Club contributes to a powerful online community of HBS Alumni Clubs and Associations around the world, giving Club members an entirely new way of interacting and communicating with fellow HBS alumni and the School. In addition to providing a fresh new look for the Club, Clubs in the Global HBS Clubs Network are also offering a variety of new features and benefits that are exclusively available to HBS Club members.

More than 35 Clubs and Associations have completed training to become an Official Member of the Global HBS Clubs Network. To date, twenty-nine Clubs have already launched their new sites:

HBS African-American Alumni Association
HBS Club of Colorado
HBS Club of South Florida
HBS Association of Boston
HBS Club of Connecticut
HBS Club of Toronto
HBS Association of Northern California
HBS Club of Houston
HBS Club of Washington, DC
HBS Association of Oregon
HBS Club of Ireland
HBS Club of Wisconsin
HBS Association of Southern California
HBS Club of New York
HBS Latino Alumni Association
HBS Association of Southeastern New England
HBS Club of Pakistan
HBS Social Enterprise Alumni Assoc.
HBS Club of Austin
HBS Club of Philadelphia
HBS Tech Alumni Club
HBS Club of Brazil
HBS Club of the Philippines
HBS Women’s Association of Boston
HBS Club of Charlotte
HBS Club of Puget Sound
HBS Women’s Association of New York
HBS Club of Chicago
HBS Club of San Diego

As members of the Global HBS Clubs Network, each Club is provided with:

  • Access to a suite of powerful Club management tools
  • Inclusion into the Global Calendar – one location to view all events that are happening within the Global HBS Clubs Network
  • Nightly Alumni Data Updates - two-way datafeed from HBS to the Networked Clubs
  • Ease of event collaboration between Networked Clubs
  • and much more!

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